Tidligere kursus 2010

Movement in Urban Space - workshop 3

Workshops, International Conference and Theme Festival in Leipzig

Workshops 19-23 June
Conference 24- 27 June

The Danish National Theatre School – Continuing Education invites professional artists to take part in three innovative workshops and the Conference Movement in Urban Space in Leipzig.
Three artists from the international performing art scene is leading the workshops and the final presentation during the festival from the 24-27.

Jörg Lukas Matthaei (Berlin/ Germany)
Participants: People from various backgrounds such as performance, visual arts, architecture, ethnography, sociology etc.

The workshop is based on the idea of a panorama – a building with a 360 degree picture showing remote places or historical events. These panoramas produced a visual surround-illusion, a fake experience. On a central square of Leipzig there was a famous panorama-restaurant, offering its visitors the atmosphere of historical events while having lunch or dinner.
In the workshop we will create investigations, outlines, concepts and models of “performative panoramas” to explore the production of a “reality” by performative, narrative, medial and physical tools: Strategies to fake a reality that never existed but looks real in order to trigger our imagination. The participants will explore a certain site or building in the city of Leipzig and will develop a performative panorama that will be presented during the festival.

Number of participants: 10 – 15

Workshop Language: English and German

The theatrical productions and installations of director Lukas Matthaei are mostly
located in the public sphere, involving residents and pedestrians in the production of stories and events. Therefore the specificity of a place, its architectural, historical and social conditions play an important role. As “matthaei &konsorten” he created since 2000 many installations and events of performance and discourse. His most recent productions were UNTERM RADAR at „Theater der Welt“ at the airport Halle/Leipzig, „KURZ NACHDEM ICH TOT WAR“ at the Festival „Politik im Freien Theater“ in Cologne (both in 2008) and, together with Ingo Reulecke, „2109 unsere frühen jahre“ and „MISSING LINK coop. berlin“ (both in 2009).
See also www.matthaei-und-konsorten.de

Participants: Artists involved in performance and visual art practices

Participants: People from various artistic backgrounds, aged between 15 and 50, with some body and movement improvisation skills

The event will enhance the exploration of movement and dance in the urban space of Leipzig with its different layers of historical experience, in particular of the two German dictatorial states. Main topics will be the relationship between everyday movements and urban environment, and the production of spaces for public action by means of performance, dance and choreography.

Walks, audio-guided tours, site-specific performances and processions are planned to stage places of high political and cultural interest in an unconventional manner. Closely related to these activities an international conference with lectures, panels and working groups will reflect current discussions about dance, movement, public sphere, urban development and interventionist practice.

The city of Leipzig with its various sites of German and European history will not only be the venue, but also the subject, material and medium of this event. The Central Theatre will serve as a base station, where plenary meetings, working groups and performances take place. A lounge will offer some means for further research (movies, maps, books etc.), the possibility to register for audio-walks or just hang around and meet people. In the afternoon there will be guided tours starting from the Central Theatre into three urban regions: The inner City on the first day, the South on the second (Old Exhibition Site, Monument of the Battle of the Nations, Connewitz) and the West on the third day (Sports Forum, Lindenau, Cotton Factory). The idea is to link the places that are relevant for the issue of movement in urban space with political and cultural events, by performance activities that are reflecting and also working on urban structures.

A preliminary phase of extensive research provides information related to several possible subjects (e.g. sports events, urban music and dance cultures, expro¬priation/re-appropriation, monuments, passages/arcades, surveillance, underground, waste land, demonstration, breakdance, parkour, etc.). The artists are invited to pick these information up, spread out across the City and do their own research on the parameters by which movement and behavior in urban space are conditioned. Aesthetic experiences shall intensify the percep¬tion of invisible, lost or long forgotten contexts. At the conference these experiences will be discussed in work¬shops and working groups. The exchange of local, national and international artists and institutions will make this event important far beyond the City of Leipzig.

Participating Artist and Groups a.o.:
Random People (UK/DE)
Plan B (UK/DE)
Fabián Barba (EC)
Gustavo Ciriaco & Andrea Sonnberger (BR/AT)
Paul Gazzola (AU)
Hello Earth (DK)
Dani Lima (BR)
Irina Pauls (DE)
Chris Standfest (AT)
Lucas Matthaei (DE)

The cost for the workshop and conference is 250 Euro including hotel in double rooms and breakfast in 8 days. Participants makes there own way to Leipzig.






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