Tidligere kursus 2010

Whos there?

The border of the theatre institution is moving towards public space and the public enters the stage: the prostitute, the asylum seeker, the unemployed or the everyday life expert enter the stage in the role as them selves. The common boundary between art and reality is challenged and the illusion of a well-defined artwork and an autonomous subject on stage breaks. But how do we see the subject on stage when he/she no longer (only) plays a role? Who’s then speaking on stage? The director, the political reality, the audience’s prejudices or the human being itself?

who’s there involves a lecture by German philosopher Marcus Steinweg, lecture performances by Danish students of Performance Studies, dialogues between international and national delegated experts and directors as well as impulses from the international stage art scene.


The European performance scene guests Copenhagen: Swiss-Russian Boris Nikitins lecture performance Woyzeck (2007, recently pricewinning at the Impulse Festival 2009) and the French conceptual choreographer Jérôme Bels’ moving conversation with the Thai colleague Pichet Klunchun, Pichet Klunchun and myself (2005, received Routes Princess Margriet Award).

who’s there is a collaboration between Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, The University of Copenhagen, The Institute for Arts and Cultural Studies, Warehouse 9, Republique and The Danish National School of Theatre – Continuing Education.
who’s there is supported by The Danish Arts Counsil.








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