Tidligere kursus 2009

Everyday life and performance

-an European event on the interaction and intervention between theatre and the real life


- A PERFORMING ART FESTIVAL with an international program
- 8 INTENSE WORKSHOPS both practical and theoretical
- A CONFERENCE concerned with everyday life and (among other aspects) the         integration of non-professional actors in current theatre- and performance productions.

“Everyday Life and Performances” is a cross-art event investigating new expressions and working methods in the area of the Post dramatic discourse concerning subject as interaction, reality and illusion, documentation and site specific art - deeply involved in the urban cities and the life and work of everyday people.

The workshops will be led by a director or a performance artist and will work with issues like city/public space, strategies of research, (re-)processing of documents, new ways of production etc. The target group is international theatre makers: actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, scenographers,
dramaturges, technicians and producers.

Some of the workshop leaders will also present their own performances at the festival.

“Everyday Life and Performances” will take place in the Centraltheater in Leipzig and its different stages and rehearsal places in the city and is a collaboration with Centraltheater in Leipzig, The University in Leipzig and Bundeskulturstiftung (National Culture Funding of Germany)

“Everyday Life and Performances” is a practical and artistic follow-up to the work and ways of thinking, presented by Efteruddannelsen in the symposiums Space & Composition (Copenhagen 2005), Spacing out (Vilnius 2006), The double view and Another view (Copenhagen 2007)

Further information will follow during the spring and a full program in the autumn.




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